Welcome to Happy Minyan!

Happy Minyan is a modern-hasidic shul built on joy and inclusivity. We offer weekly classes, yearly programming (including concerts, workshops and shabbatons) and authentic Carlebach davening. Becoming a member means partnering with Happy Minyan in our mission to help every Jew connect deeper with themselves and with Hashem. Your membership comes with a high holiday seat(s), discounted pricing on additional seats, and discounted pricing on year-round events. Members also receive access to our partnered childcare program with Young Israel of Century City, Gesher (To learn more about Gesher, CLICK HERE).

In an effort to accommodate the community, we also offer modified membership categories. If none of these categories work for you please send an mail to and let us know what you would like to contirubute. Your communication is completely confidential. No one is ever turned away for lack of finances.

5783 (2022-2023) Membership Structure and Pricing

Dedicated Partner
The Dedicated Partner (Full-time) membership sustains Happy Minyan’s ability to serve the community.  For this category only, Partners have the option of enrolling their child(ren) in the Gesher Shabbat Day childcare program at Young Israel of Century City (to learn more about Gesher, CLICK HERE). Full time members can also purchase additional high holiday seats for their spouse and/or children at a discounted rate. 
Household, 1 adult (includes 1 high holiday seat) – $900
Household, 2 adults (includes 2 high holiday seats)- $1700

Young Professionals
This category is for those under the age of 30. High holiday seats are not included but are offered at a discounted rate. 
Young Professional, Single – $350
Young Professional, Couple – $700

Associate Member / Friday Night Light
This category is for those that are primarily members in other synagogues but want to be associated with and support Happy Minyan (ideal for Friday night service enthusiasts!). High holiday seats are not included but are offered at a discounted rate. 
Associate Member, 1 adult – $500
Associate Member, 2 adults – $900

Suggested Security Donation – $100

Please note: Adults are those 18 and older, children under the age of 18 are included in the adult membership.

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