Our minyan is a community that thrives because of all those who volunteer their time, contribute their energy and support us with their donations. We are led by a team of individuals who strive to embody the musical, inspired, heartfelt Judaism based on joyful optimism and soulful rejuvenation that our Rabbi, Shlomo Carlebach zt”l, brought to the world. 

Spiritual Leadership

Jeff & Linda Rohatiner, Founders
David Sacks, Senior Lecturer and Co-founder
Yehuda Solomon, Chazzan
Herschel McNab, Lainer

Board of Directors

Jon Hoenig
Bentzion Simmonds
Bryna Fiedler
Howard Reichman

Executive Director

Naomi Solomon

Chair Heads

Chaya Kamisher, Hospitality
Howard Reichman, Security