Do you know my beautiful friends, that physically the higher you fly, the further you get from the earth.  But spiritually the higher you are, the closer you are to the earth, the closer you are to every human being, the closer you are to every one of Hashem’s creatures.

On Rosh Hashanah every person can open gates for another person if you really mean it.  I want to bless you and me tha we should open the gates for our wives, children,and the whole world.

Friends, I’m begging you,  I’m begging don’t be angry not even at yourself.  Just lets cleans our heart, lets cleanse our thoughts…our holy rabbis teach us the greatest joy in the world is when we rejoice when something good happens to another person. 

When Moshe broke the tablets the letters flew away and there were no more words.  You know what Moshe Rabeinu did, he connected us to beyond words.

I don’t want to live in a house where even one Jew does not feel at home – I want to live in a house where every Jew and eventually the world world feels at home.

When we blow the shofar, G-d takes our souls, cleans them like before we were born, gives them back to us free from our past, and with so much G-dliness and holiness that we feel everything and let everything touch us.

On Rosh Hashana G-d opens gates so we hear the crying of our own soul.  I’m longing for something so high, so deep.  This is the Tshuva I want – it is clear to me that I want G-d in the deepest depths of my heart.   

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