Reb Shlomo Rosh HaShanah Torah


Our holy rabbis teach us that when we blow the shofar, G-d is blowing a new soul into us. And aren’t we all longing to become new people? How much would we pay to remove our perverseness? To takeout all the negativity, the pettiness and the selfishness from our heart? September 9th, 1991Our holy rabbis teach us that the sound of the shofar is the sound of our innermost soul and heart but also the sound of a newborn baby. It is everything. It wakes us up, gives us strength, reminds us how holy we are and how holy we can be, and also how close we are and how easy it is to be the best and most exalted. September 2nd, 1994

The question is what I do unconsciously, naturally. If I see a poor man do I have to think and think what to do? What I do, I do by reflex. What is the unconscious about? My unconscious is connected to the highest light… The Shofar is a cry from the unconscious. I blow the Shofar in order to connect to that part of myself, to hear the Inside of me crying. The month of Elul G-d is opening up for us gates so that we hear the crying of our own soul, how much we want-d in the deepest depths of our soul. Elul 5750

We live in the world of
and in the world of
beyond thinking.
The Tree of Knowledge level means
“everything is thinking”.
The Tree of Life level means
beyond thinking,
“a first flash”.
If you only live
on a thinking level
you never put
your life together….
Beyond thinking goes
much deeper.
Love does not come
from thinking.
It’s so much deeper.
Doing a friend a favor
without hesitation
is also beyond thinking.
How much does a person
have to work
on himself
to know
when to think and
when not to think?
Why does Rosh Hashanah come
before Yom Kippur?
Rosh Hashanah is
like the tree of life.
It’s beyond thinking.
The whole value of
doing teshuva
before Rosh Hashanah
is that something inside of me
wakes up….
Whatever we need to fix
can be fixed
in one second
if we pay attention
to the moment.
To know the moment
is so deep!
The Shofar doesn’t come
from thinking:
the Shofar has no words.
It comes from the
deepest deepest depths…
September 27th, 1988

So, how long ago was last Rosh Hashanah? How long ago we were together for twenty-four hours and at the end heard the trumpet of the Messiah? How long ago did we kindle the lights of Chanukah? How many minutes ago were we drunk on Purim and ate matzo on Pesach? The truth is it was a second ago and the truth of the truth is all the holidays are with us all year long. A Jew always blows a shofar, a Jew fasts all year, a Jew sits in the Succah all his life, a Jew dances with the Torah into all eternities. September 9th, 1988

The teshuva of Rosh Hashanah is crying from the deepest depths of one’s soul, because the shofar is the voice of the deepest deepest depths of our soul and humanly speaking, of G-d’s Soul… On Rosh Hashanah a great miracle happens. G-d takes us out from the cycle of death; the cycle of not having the strength to change what we do wrong nor having the guts to do what is right with all of our hearts. When we blow shofar G-d takes our souls, cleanses them like from before we were born, gives them back to us free from our past and with so much G-dliness and holiness that we feel everything and let everything touch us. The last rehearsal before blowing the shofar is the blessing we give one other Rosh Hashanah night. The more we bless each other with all our heart, which is how much soul G-d breathes back into us the next day. September 29th, 1987

On Rosh Hashanah we as Jews begin the year with the blowing of the shofar which reaches the highest place in heaven and the deepest, deepest depths of our souls. Everyone knows that there was a shofar blowing on Mt. Sinai, in the Holy Temple, and there will be great shofar blowing when the Moshiach comes.

On Rosh Hashanah when we blow shofar we experience all of this and we experience what life will be like after the Messiah has arrived when G-d is one and the whole world is one. Yet the finding of the shofar was when Abraham and Isaac were still on top of the mountain ready to give their lives for G-d. What we need the most in our generation is to find that shofar again — when a Jew and his child are both ready to give everything they have for G-d –and then the Messiach will come so fast to blow it.

Let it be you and I, your children and my children.

Let it be your shofar and my shofar that the Messiah will want to blow.
September 9th, 1979